CRS Newsletter

CRS Newsletter

May, 2022

CRS Newsletter

Due to growing market demand, Cefetra is working on doubling its CRS volume in 2022.

Since its launch in 2009, Cefetra’s Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) program has become a well-known and well-respected standard for responsible soya farming. We are happy to see that our vision to engage more and more farmers in the transition towards more sustainable farming practices was embraced so widely by the market.

In fact, market demand has risen so much, that we are working to almost double the volumes under CRS certification this year! A field trip to Brazil, Argentina and Paraguay last March showed us once again that many farmers value being certified and are proud to be in the program. This provides us with a good basis to grow our supply.

We are following up with these and other farmers, together with our partner Control Union locally, to make sure the farms work towards the right compliance levels. After this Control Union will perform on-site assessments and – if proven in compliance – will certify the farms. Resulting certificates will be available to the market to meet market demand.

CLIMATE: Truck transport emissions for Cefetra in The Netherlands down by 90%!

As per 1 January 2022, Cefetra BV switched from conventional diesel to 100% Hydrated Vegetable Oil (HVO100). This results in a carbon saving of no less than 90%! So, every delivery by truck now only has a 10% carbon emission compared to last year’s deliveries. A promising step in reducing carbon across the value chain. Cefetra is meanwhile looking at how to reduce the carbon footprint of its products and the related services we provide to our customers. Are you interested? Let us know. We are looking forward to exploring this further with you.

WORK IN PROGRESS: Reward & Support system for farmers

In order to facilitate farmers even more in their transition towards sustainable production, Cefetra believes that we must help establishing an enabling environment for farmers. An environment in which farming sustainably also comes with the better business case. Think of preferred access to finance, favorable rates with insurers, premiums from the market (e.g. like we currently already do with CRS certificates), while carbon credit trading also seems promising, etc. This system will ultimately reward farms which are farming sustainably already, while also supporting those willing to make the transition to become a more sustainably operating farm.

Several researches have shown that farms that are certified against a sustainability standard have a better performance, have a lower risk profile, have higher levels of financial resilience, etc. All these factors are in favor for external parties (banks, insurers, input providers, buyers etc.) to offer their services at more favorable pricing and or against more preferable conditions.

This project will need the involvement of as many companies across the value chains as possible. As a supply chain manager, in touch with so many organisations, Cefetra is positioned well to take on this convening role.

Together we can do this! Please, reach out to your contact at Cefetra if you would like to learn more.

Please contact us at:

Bas Geerts | | +31.(0)10.400.7639

Sandra Kraaij | | +31(0)10.400.7847

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