ProTerra Standard


ProTerra Standard (non-gmo)

For clients wishing to source non-genetically modified soya products Cefetra offers products which are certified against the ProTerra standard. A globally respected and credible standard. Given its non-gmo nature, all products traded as ProTerra-certified are – by default – handled physically segregated from all other soya flows.

For all details of the ProTerra standard, please check the website of the ProTerra Foundation.

Document download:

The ProTerra Standard (v4.1) can be found here.
More relevant ProTerra documents can be found here.

Note: Although we regularly monitor changes to ProTerra documents, we kindly recommend you to always check the ProTerra website.

Independent assessments


Food Chain ID Certification is ProTerra’s assessment partner for the ProTerra certification program. It performs the required assessments to verify and certify all products are meeting the relevant standard(s).