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Responsible soya products

Initiated, developed & managed by Cefetra

Certified Responsible Soya standard

The Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) standard has been developed and is managed by Cefetra. On this website you can find all information concerning Certified Responsible Soya, as well as on other responsible soya production standards Cefetra has on offer.
Market leader in Europe

We are market leader in delivering agricultural commodities to the animal feed industry.

100% Independent

We deliver the best products through our independent supply chains to our customers across Europe.


Our Certified Responsible Soya Standard promotes sustainability in our global soya supply chains.



Cefetra offers high-quality raw materials for the feed, food and fuel industry, soya being one of those. Cefetra has been active in making global soya supply chains more sustainable for long. Initially by pro-actively contributing to the Roundtable on Responsible Soy (RTRS), later also by developing and implementing its own standard: the Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) standard, which is aligned to the RTRS standard. Cefetra also is an active member of ProTerra’s Stakeholder Council.

Supply Chain Partner

Cefetra is market leader in the supply of raw materials for the animal feed sector in  Europe. It bundles the demand for agricultural commodities from buyers in the feed, food, and fuel industries in Europe and is well-equipped to inform its clients on sustainable solutions for their raw material sourcing.

From this combined volume, Cefetra is able to develop, coordinate and organize highly efficient supply chains across the world. Cefetra supplies products from South America, North America, Asia and the Black Sea region to all our European customers.

Global & Local Impact

Corporate social responsibility

Cefetra puts a great deal of energy in quality and food safety and also acts responsibly when it comes to sustainability. Next to that Cefetra also plays an active role in the communities close to its offices.

Cefetra aims for maximum integrity of our supply chain. We aim to guarantee sustainable raw material flows. We make sure that raw materials are cultivated and processed under ecologically sound and socially responsible conditions. Cefetra keeps a strong balance between people, planet and profit. Examples are our own Certified Responsible Soya standard, as well as other Sustainability Standards and the Rotterdam Social Project.