About us

Independent | Customer-centric | Efficient


Cefetra supplies agricultural raw materials to the feed, food and fuel industries, and has done so for over 120 years. Our extensive, efficient supply chains and logistics make it possible to deliver products from our global suppliers to our customers across Europe. We are part of the German stock-listed company BayWa AG.

With Cefetra’s longstanding experience and operations throughout Europe it is able to put its clients at the center of all it does. Efficient deliveries and always in close contact with clients it has become a partner of choice for clients in many countries.

In addition Cefetra has incorporated sustainability in its offer to the market since 2009. It has been actively participating in external multi-stakeholder initiatives since 2006 and continues to do so till this day, aimed at making global soya supply chains more sustainable. And, in addition, developed additional tools to bring more sustainable soya to the market, faster.

Cefetra’s Certified Responsible Soya (CRS) standard and Area Mass Balance supply chain model are two clear examples, showing its commitment to service clients with more sustainable soya. On this website you can find extensive information on both.

For more information on our company, please visit our company website: www.cefetra.nl

Independent | Customer-centric | Efficient

Culture & Values

Cefetra is there for its clients and listens to its clients, as well as to other stakeholders, who have shown interest in global soya supply chains, like NGOs, banks, governments and many others. 
Cefetra’s extensive network, in and around the industry, and well-oiled supply chains gives it the flexibility it needs to deliver ‘just in time’: not too early, not too late. It is our history, the way we approach our partnerships and our clear intention to cooperate with our clients that sets us apart.
Sustainability is firmly embedded in Cefetra’s DNA and as such it is constantly looking how to make its supply chains more sustainable, with our partners, one step at a time.
Never losing sight of quality, safety, nor our planet.